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Book 3 Now available

In March 2020 covid struck and the world changed - much of the world locked down.


My books include true stories from ordinary people who all see things very differently - stories of how their lives have been affected over the past three and a half years.

I hope you will enjoy reading these different stories which lead us towards 2024 and all that it holds.

Books 1, 2 & 3 Available  NOW

Books 1 & 2 @£11.99 & book 3 @£14.99 signed copies free postage  to UK mainland

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Special Offer

Order all signed books 1, 2 and 3  for £33.00Free postage in UK

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The Future


I think it is interesting to hear all the different views and opinions & the way different people navigated their lives during this time. This trilogy will become a little piece of history.

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Books 1, 2 & 3 Available  NOW

Books 1 & 2 @£11.99 & book 3 @£14.99 signed copies free postage  to UK mainland


"I woke up one morning at the end of June 2021 and decided that I wanted to put a book together of our lives during these times.

I had been watching families and friends becoming increasingly divided by their different views on what was going on in the world.

The world is in crisis and we need unity, trust and love, not division, hopelessness and fear."


These books are intended as a portfolio of comments, views, thoughts, opinions and experiences during the time period from the New Year of  2020 when we first heard of covid, and up to date, which is currently autumn 2023.

All three books now available

Special Offer

Order all signed books 1, 2 and 3  for £33.00Free postage in UK

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My Wonderful Writers' Comments

"I met the author of this book, Rosanne, in Spain through a mutual friend. We only met briefly but then connected more frequently on social media

Rosanne supported me on the release of my book, ‘2020 When Time Stood Still’ and offered support during those very difficult months after my cousin’s murder and the death of my father.

When Rosanne invited me to participate in ‘Memories of Lockdown’ I felt it to be an excellent idea offering many different perspectives and experiences.

 It is released a year after my own book came out and this also seems to fit well, a year on how have people progressed, how are
they coping with ongoing restrictions in many places and after the initial shock of lives being turned upside down, how do they perceive the future…
I hope like me, people find this book to be a cathartic experience, both those of us who wrote sharing our stories and likewise for the readers.
It’s a great project, one which I’m very happy to participate in and hopefully I will get the opportunity to connect with some of the readers and other contributors.


Happy reading X


See my page for more information on me and my books "

Kate McGregor.jpg

I first met Rosanne way back in around 1990 when we both started to work as local distributors for Dorling Kindersley Family Library. 

As Rosanne and I lived relatively close to each other we met up before our first official meeting with the company and immediately hit it off.

I was drawn to Rosanne's warmth and kindness as well as to her crazy sense of humour which we shared! 

We both had two small children and were doing the usual juggling act of young parents. 

Rosanne had recently returned from her first life in Spain and was a single parent.  My husband worked away most of the time and I was suffering from ME so we were able to give each other much-needed support whilst at the same time seeing the funny side of life! 

We had many good times working for Dorling Kindersley and our kids benefitted from having access to their beautiful books.  We had many fun days out at conferences and training sessions which were always a bit of a jolly, away from the day-to-day responsibilities (huge thank you to our R's late parents and my late Mum for this freedom). 

Looking back, I expect we were regarded by our colleagues as the two oddballs from Sussex but we were hard-working and soon had teams of our own to manage.

When Rosanne first contacted me to ask whether I might like to contribute to her book, although I was flattered, my first thought was "What can I bring to this?" 

I've been in a rural location in the South of France with my husband for the last 9 years and the pandemic has for us been something that we have watched unfold with horror from the sidelines.  

In spite of my reticence about having a story to tell, Rosanne persuaded me that the whole point of the book is to compare different experiences and that each of them has relevance in making the venture three dimensional.

I very much hope the book brings comfort and is thought provoking to the readers and I look forward to the sequel(s).

Michelle G

 ‘There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance’ - Dodinsky

The perfect quote to describe our friendship, my dear friend Rosanne xx

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Kristin Kalnapenk

Find me on social media and follow my adventures!


Instagram: @kristinkalnapenk

website’s in the making :)


"It has been an enlightening, enjoyable and thought-provoking experience to be a part of the process, so I was happy to help."

Rachael Martin

Rachael Martin
Bio-Energy therapist,

Indian Head Massage
Qi gong , Life Coach,
NLP practitioner
Mindfulness practitioner


Facebook @Rachael’s Bioenergy & Qi gong

Janet JTL.png

Janet Jackson Tyler Lummer

"I am a singing teacher and Rosanne came to my studio with her son to speak about taking classes. They were such kind and interesting people. Her son Joe was and still is an extremely talented musician.

I fell in real love with Rosanne and Joe and we have been like a family ever since. Rosanne is an amazing Mother and Wife and Daughter. She is a deep caring woman. She always is thinking about the welfare of others and I admire that. It is a gift of hers that she was born with and I am so touched to know that God gave me a friend like this to help me navigate my life.

She is in my Best Friend / Family Category of my life. She is honest all the time, and that is so rare to find in people and when you do find it you know it, and you always want that person in your life, and that is Rosanne. 


So writing in her book was a joy and privilege and honor. Since Rosanne is a person that allows people to be who they are, I knew her book would be filled with truth and light, so who would not want to be a part of that.


Always In Spirit"

Deborah Jane Sutton 2.JPG

" I am so glad to see you following your inspiration in this way, bringing people together and helping others"

Reality Mentor, Healer and Energy Reader.


See my website for more information.


"I first met Rosanne at a Healing Festival in Highbridge, Somerset.

We instantly connected - I liked her; she is kind, warm, easy to speak to and just a lovely person who makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her and leaves you feeling like you’ve known her forever.

I’ve got to know Rosanne over the last few months when hanging out with her family and friends at the beach and at her home enjoying conversations, sharing some Vietnamese spring rolls I’d made and grabbing tea together.

When Rosanne mentioned her book to me and asked if I would be interested in writing in it, I knew straightaway it was a yes. I thought it was a great way to share my perspective of how the last 18+ months had been for me and what I’d seen and heard from friends around the world. I think this book is an excellent way for people all of walks of life to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings of this period in our lives and it was a privilege to be asked to be a part of it"

I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Click here for my Page:

Lani Wisniewska 2.JPG

Lani Wisniewska

“Being a part of this journey with you is special as it keeps us all close together with support and each of our intrinsic passions”

"I’ve never met Rosanne in person. We met on a video call and I knew right away from seeing the sparkle in Rosanne’s eyes that she was a part of my soul family.

I didn’t need to meet her in person to feel her authenticity and genuineness. Rosanne has that energy about her and I felt it.


I know that I’ve known Rosanne through many lifetimes, it wasn’t a meeting this time, it was a recognition from soul to soul.


I’m sure we will meet again in other lives too when we play again the game of life but in this one I am contributing my writing to Rosanne in regards to her trilogy and wanting to be a part of her journey and dreams is a magical thing.
Magical because being a part of supporting another’s dreams is what I believe we should all do for one another.


I cannot wait to meet Rosanne in person. We have a wonderful hobby in common with creative writing and similar career goals. When we do finally meet, I can’t wait to see what we cook up together and only time will tell."


Quantum Master Healer

Reiki Master

Hypnotherapy/ Regressive and Clinical

Light Language DNA Activator

Ascension Guide

Multidimensional Healing

Click to my page

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3 books website pic Rear.png
3 books website pic Front.png

All 3 Books Available  NOW

Books 1 & 2 @£11.99 & book 3 @£14.99 signed copies free postage  to UK mainland

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Special Offer

Order all signed books 1, 2 and 3  for £33.00Free postage in UK

Enter your details and mention "Special Offer"

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