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Aisling Mary Melchizedek


Hello Divine Being 

  My Mission is to help you remember the Divine Soul Essence that you are by Origin. Having embodied the divine feminine and working with unity consciousness from the sacred heart space and unconditional love, I take you by your hand so you can step by step rediscover that sparkling beautiful light which resides inside you and help it expand to shine fully. I accompany you on a Path where you learn to master being and feeling whole and access your potentials every day of your life.  

As an Ascension Guide and Way shower, it’s an honour to do that by connecting with your guides and working with our families of light and higher consciousness galactic councils. Taking off the layers of pain, suffering and programming that do not serve your highest path and purpose, you will help you regain Self Love & confidence so that you can feel completely empowered. Working with my energy, through activations with light language and channeling the divine, you will remember that God Consciousness, divinity, and Creator that you truly are.


Quantum Master Healer

Reiki Master

Hypnotherapy/ Regressive and Clinical

Light Language DNA Activator

Ascension Guide

Multidimensional Healing


You can find me......

On FB as Aisling Mary Melchizedek

On Instagram as Aisling Mary Melchizedek

Or call me - tel: +34 628 822 513

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