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These are some reflections ......

"I have now read Rosanne's book 'Memories of Lockdown' twice and it touched me even more the second time, actually brought tears to my eyes.

Very personal, beautifully written pieces, hopefully showing us that we all see things in a different way, and a need more than ever to understand each other.

We all need to read this book, and maybe we will learn to be kind to each other".

Brenda - March 2022

 "I thought the book would be interesting but never expected the impact it would have on me"

"I think this is an important message"

"What I love is how balanced this book is with its very different stories"

"It´s a fascinating insight into other people´s lives and thoughts"

"I think this book is an excellent way for people of all walks of life to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings of this period in our lives and it was a privilege to be asked to be a part of it" Hayley -  December 2021

This is Bob.
I enjoyed contributing to this project greatly.
A piece of real history!


"The people’s stories are truly inspiring.
A celebration of magical writers.
Each owning an individual part of themselves and feeling open enough to share that self beholds a level of vibration that mesmerises a reader.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories as it seemed like I got to know the writers on a personal level through their subconscious mind.
A trilogy that might just stand out from the crowd.

Lani - April 2022

"I hope like me, people find this book to be a cathartic experience, both those of us who wrote sharing our stories and likewise for the readers". Skye - December 2021

"I really enjoyed reading this book - reading people´s personal stories has helped me to understand other people´s views".

" It´s a fascinating insight into other people´s lives and thoughts. We certainly perceive things differently".

"It was beautiful to read and deeply moving".

"I was introduced to "Memories of Lockdown - The Peoples Stories" by a mutual friend of
Rosanne Gallagher. When Hayley started to describe Rosanne's  book, I knew I wanted to read it.  I wasn't disappointed. I loved it from the first story and found it intriguing the different ways people handled the last 2 years. I found it very emotional at times as both our daughters live far away, Australia and the Philippines so I could concur with the loneliness felt by so many people. My husband also enjoyed reading it.
I really recommend buying this book and I can't wait for Rosanne's follow up book.."

Barbara P.
22 Sept 2022

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